Put Together These Documents to Start Preparing for Your Immigration Case

I often hear the question, “What can I do to prepare in case something happens?” This is a (nonexclusive) list of documents that would be helpful for members of the immigrant community to organize and put together in order to be prepared. These documents are significant for relationship petitions and family-based defenses to deportation. They are not as relevant to asylum claims.

For immigration case processing, you may need the following documents:

  1. Identification card.
  2. Passport from your country.
  3. Voter’s card.
  4. Two sets of passport pictures.
  5. Letters in support of your claim.
  6. Articles in support of your claim.
  7. Marriage certificate, if relationship petition.
  8. Birth certificates of citizen children, if any.
  9. Social Security cards (copies of immediate family members with status).
  10. News articles of your country’s current situation.
  11. Letters in support of the relationship, if a relationship petition.
  12. Tax return records of at least the last ten years.
  13. Parent information: full names and date of birth.
  14. Five years of address history, including U.S. and out of country.
  15. Five years of employment history, including U.S. and out of country.
  16. Education history.
  17. Documents showing 10 years of continuing presence in the United States. (Including but not limited to tax returns, leases, mortgage payments and bank accounts, school records, utility payments, etc.)
  18. Good moral character letters from friends and family, with addresses and phone numbers.
  19. Documents showing that your absence would cause hardship to your LPR or citizen family members (spouse, children, parents). This can include evidence that they have special medical needs you help them with, proof of financial assistance, proof of learning disabilities or of anxiety issues because they have been worrying about you, mental illness issues that you help them compensate for, signs you help with their education, etc.

If you put together as many of these documents as possible and have them reasonably organized prior to the start of your case, you may be eligible for a discount.

We try to make legal fees as affordable as possible, as we understand there are many demands on your time and money.